Sara Pauley Counselling & Psychotherapy
in Stratford, East London

Counselling and Psychotherapy are linked and similar, I am trained in both.

Counselling is often described as a type of talking help for particular issues and help is given with a focus of working within a time limited framework; it is sometimes viewed as short term support.

Psychotherapy is also concerned with issues, however as a psychotherapist I view my role as working with the whole person, how they experience themselves and who they are in the world. I am interested in and work with behaviour, actions, thoughts and attitudes, and our emotional self.
One person experiencing depression may feel 'stuck' or 'shut down' and have difficulty coping with everyday responsibilities. Whereas another person describing depression may be experiencing anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed which they are struggling to manage in a life that is busy. One individual's pace and journey of exploration can be very different to another’s, therefore psychotherapy is open ended and can continue for as long as the client desires it.

As a humanistic therapist I am interested in each persons uniqueness and seek to get to know and understand his/her story and their process. I do this through engaging in conversation, and developing a working alliance so that we can explore together the issues that you bring.
Our history is connected to who we are today; working with difficulties from our past with a view to how they impact our current life can transform our relationship to these experiences by forming a new perspective, new thinking and action. Facing hurtful or painful experiences often takes courage and therapy can provide a safe and confidential place where you can take risks with someone beside you.

We form ourselves and shape our lives in our individual way and therefore I value difference and work with the many different aspects of myself my understanding and my experiences. The theory and practice of gestalt therapy and formative psychology inform my work. I have an integrated approach and seek ways of working that will best support each unique client and/or situation. I bring qualities of compassion, empathy and care to my work and my clients.

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